Angel number – Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Numerology is the study of the numeric meaning of numbers and their supposed influence on human life. Numerologists believe that numbers carry energy and significance that can provide guidance and reveal insights.

What are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are number sequences that are believed to contain divine guidance and messages from angels or other spiritual beings. When you notice the same numbers repeating, especially in sets like 111, 222, 333, etc., it is thought that your angels are trying to get your attention.

Angel numbers are a part of numerology, but more specifically refer to these meaningful number patterns rather than all numbers. Some examples of angel numbers include:

What makes angel numbers special?

There are a few key things that make angel numbers unique:

  • Divine origin: Angel numbers are believed to come directly from angels or the divine. They are like secret messages just for you.
  • Meaningful patterns: Angel numbers tend to show up in noticeable sequences and patterns, instead of random mixes of numbers.
  • Personalized messages: The meanings behind angel numbers relate to your life path and where you are right now. Interpreting them can reveal next steps to take.
  • Uplifting nature: Angel numbers often carry positive, encouraging energy as opposed to ill omens. They tend to signal good things ahead.

So in short, angel numbers differ from ordinary numbers because numerologists believe they originate from the divine, show up intentionally in patterns, carry spiritual meaning about your path, and provide uplifting signs and encouragement. Paying attention to them is thought to strengthen your connection with angels.

Are You Seeing Angel Numbers?

Where can you find angel numbers?

Angel numbers tend to show up in some key places, including:

  • License plates
  • Billboards
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Sales receipts
  • Mileage on your car
  • Shopping item numbers
  • Random number sequences that feel like more than a coincidence

You may notice angel numbers several times over the course of a single day. Pay attention when the same sequences repeat, as your angels are likely trying to send a message.

Why do I keep seeing angel numbers?

Some reasons you may notice angel numbers more prominently include:

  • You recently asked your angels for help or guidance
  • You are approaching an important crossroads or shift in life
  • A lesson from your angels could provide encouragement or wisdom right now
  • You are newly aware of numerology and angel numbers
  • You have a strong connection with the spiritual world

What do angel numbers mean?

Each angel number sequence carries different potential meanings. Here are the interpretations of some common angel numbers:

Use your intuition to discern the specific message an angel number holds just for you. The meaning may also relate to what is currently happening in your life.

Is it Good or Bad Luck to See Angel Numbers?

Where does angel number come from?

As discussed earlier, angel numbers are number sequences believed to contain divine guidance from angels. They are a way for the angelic and spiritual realms to communicate and reach out to humanity.

Numerologists believe angels intentionally arrange certain numbers to appear before us at certain times. The numbers serve as a kind of coded message to provide encouragement, reassurance, or timely advice.

Why angel numbers are significant?

Angel numbers are significant because they indicate you have celestial support or guidance about a situation. They show your angels are paying attention, want the best for you, and are sending blessings your way.

On a practical level, angel numbers function like road signs, redirecting your course or urging you to keep going. They are like personalized fortune cookies with spiritual encouragement inside!

Get to know the angel numbers

While angel numbers generally are viewed as positive, meaningful signs, some specific numbers do carry potentially challenging meanings.

Here is a quick overview:

In most cases, angel numbers are viewed as encouraging lucky signs rather than bad omens. They prompt awareness and serve as blessings or pieces of advice just when you need them most in your life journey.

Angel Numbers: Spiritual and Symbolism


Beyond the specific meanings of each angel number sequence, certain numbers do carry universal symbolic meaning:

  • Triplicate numbers (111, 222, 333, etc.) represent balance, completeness, and the holy trinity according to biblical numerology. They signal powerful spiritual messages from divine sources.
  • The number 7 has an extremely spiritual meaning across many faiths and religious histories, representing perfection, blessings, and messages from heaven. Angel numbers containing 7s like 777 amplify this divine symbolism.
  • Numbers mostly made up of 0s contain amplifying energy and symbolize eternity, universal oneness, wholeness, continuing cycles, and the alpha/omega. Examples include 000 and 888.

Biblical meaning

Certain numbers like 3, 7, 10, 12, 40, and 70 commonly appear throughout the Bible carrying spiritual symbolism. They signify completeness, divine wholeness, spiritual alignment, and messages from God.

When doubled or tripled, these numbers amplify the sacred meaning. Angel numbers allow modern numerologists to build on traditional biblical numeric meaning.

Spiritual meaning

At a basic level, angel numbers signify you are connected with the divine, supported by spiritual and celestial powers, and on the right life path according to your soul’s purpose.

Beyond the general good vibes, each sequence targets messages about more specific spiritual topics like:

  • Leveling up into new spiritual awareness
  • Moving into alignment mind/body/spirit
  • Making positive changes and transitions
  • Trusting heavenly guidance about next steps

Deciphering your numbers requires self-contemplation about what’s happening in your spiritual journey currently. Your intuitive discernment reveals the meanings.

Recommendations from Numerologist Narayana Lakshmi Bhatt

Love and Relationships

When it comes to romance, Narayana pays attention to the following numbers:

  • Angel number 66 – Sign of developing trust, harmony, and deeper connections in relationships
  • Angel number 77 – Spiritual alignment allows relationships to flourish
  • Angel number 99 – Completions clear space for better suited partnerships
  • Angel number 9 – Foundations of stability and emotional security

If relationship problems persist, she recommends meditating on number 852 to attract reconciliation and reconnection.

Career and Money

For improving your career and wealth potential, Narayana highlights these lucky angel numbers:

  • Angel number 8 – Creativity and self-expression bring opportunities
  • Angel number 5 – Increased finances, prosperity, and abundance ahead
  • Angel number 4 – Career success and victory over challenging obstacles
  • Angel number 3 – New open doorways and professional improvement

She reminds clients to follow inner wisdom when decoding the meaning for your circumstances. Your intuition reveals how these numeric blessings apply to your money and career.

Recommendations from Narayana Lakshmi Bhatt

As an expert numerologist, Narayana recommends looking up lesser-known numbers called Master Numbers (11, 22, 33). These amplify spiritual messages requiring deeper self-contemplation.

She also provides custom consultations to decipher personalized meanings for clients experiencing major life transitions. Understanding your numbers provides guidance.

Above all, Narayana stresses staying open to number patterns everywhere and allowing your intuitive voice within to elucidate the significance. Lean into direct angelic support through numeric codes meant just for you!